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The First 365 Days

Dear Husband,

365 days have passed since our wedding day. I have loved every single minute of it. I love our little apartment that we call home. I love when you surprise me with dinner (you make excellent tacos!) and when you tell me the dinner I cook tastes good (even though it might not be!).

I love that you’ll give me foot rubs, even though you hate touching feet. I love that you push me to follow my dreams while you are following yours. I love that even though everyday hasn’t been perfect, you made sure to remind me that we are perfect together.

365 days later and you still make my laugh more than ever. 365 days later you are still my best friend. 365 days later I find myself loving you so much more than I ever thought possible.

Happy Anniversary, Travis. I love you! I can’t wait to spend another year, and many, many, more with you!



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