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Self Portraits

I see it all the time, especially on instagram. Self portraits. It seems easy enough, you take a picture, or pictures, of yourself and then select the one you think makes you look best.

I don’t know how anyone takes a self portrait, let alone on their phone. I actually tried to take a self portrait with my iPhone the other day. All 8 pictures I took looked ridiculous. Maybe my arms aren’t long enough? Maybe I don’t look good when the camera is only inches away from my face? Maybe the angle is wrong?

Whatever the reason, I suck at self portraits.

Please leave a comment telling me that I’m not alone in this (hopefully I’m not!) OR telling me your secrets on how to take an amazing self portrait.

Happy Tuesday!


p.s. The sun is finally out and I can’t wait to soak up the rays and the fun Chicago offers in the summer!
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  • Elaine - May 22, 2012 - 11:27 pm

    I hate them too. I’ve tried a time or two, and let that one go. :) My little sister, Molly, is in Chicago. I gave her your website for her wedding – October 2013. I told her she would LOVE YOU! And i can’t wait to see Chicago!!ReplyCancel

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