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“Portraits Are More Than Paper.”

Take a minute and read the following:

A letter on my door step. portraits are more than paper.

This is important to me, and not because I’m a photographer. It’s important to me because memories are important to me, period. Just this past December Travis and I had a photo session scheduled to Christmas pictures. Last minute I cancelled, not because of money, but because I felt like we just were too pressed for time. We took a quick picture thanks to our tripod, it turned out okay, but I wish wish wish we would have gone through with our session that we had planned. I wanted to capture us.. us downtown Chicago celebrating our first married Christmas together. You can’t capture that candidly with a tripod, you just can’t. Now I have learned my lesson, just like the sweet lady who wrote this letter to her photographer. Even if take great pictures yourself, you can’t take capture yourself being you.

If you are thinking about getting family pictures, newborn pictures, or just pictures of you and your sweetheart what is holding you back? If it’s money, you can post pone that haircut, that set of nails, that new video game and do it. If it’s time, make time.. don’t put it off. Two summers ago I blogged, “The First Time I Took His Last Picture“. Just a few weeks after taking family pictures the family called me  asking for pictures of grandpa since he had just passed on. What a special gift, to have great pictures of your loved one.  Can you imagine if your loved one passed away and it had been years without a decent picture with them? Don’t wait for the perfect moment- there will never be a perfect time. If having your picture taken has been in the back of your mind lately, the time is now, not later.

Portraits are more than paper.

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  • Danelle - January 4, 2012 - 1:38 am

    I wish more people understood this. I took photos for Carla Child’s family about 6 mos. before her husband passed away. Their daughter called me up at the last minute because everyone was going to unexpectedly be in town together. I am SO glad I could take those last photographs for them. I can’t imagine how glad they are to have them.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Breanne - January 4, 2012 - 1:49 am

    Great post, Tiffany! I’m sorry you didn’t go through with the shoot, but I know you have lots more pictures than the average person! And you certainly have tons and tons of beautiful ones. You’re totally right – just do it! Get the pictures. I need to remember that. Too often those of us who are behind the camera forget to take a minute and be in front of the camera for pictures with those we love. Happy Holidays, girl! Love the blog and loved this post! xoReplyCancel

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