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One warm afternoon in June we drove up to the mountains for Hannah’s bridal session. Lace, keyhole back, and more lace.. I quickly fell in love with her wedding dress! Not only is Hannah beautiful, but she has such a beautiful heart and is one of the kindest, warmest women I know.

Now that Hannah and Spencer are married (yay!) I can finally post a few from her bridal session. Take a look!

Hannah is a dancer, and I love that this photo reflects her not only as a bride to be, but her dancing spirit:

Love you, Hannah! Hope you are having a fabulous honeymoon!


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“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is what life is made of.” -Benjamin Franklin

I used to think that doing anything unproductive (facebook, instagram, candy crush) was squandering time. Downtime, relaxing, having fun is good for the body and soul. Squandering time is different than downtime.

You squander time when you spend a half hour deciding what to wear. You squander time when AFTER a half hour of playing games on your ipad turns into 2 hours.

I don’t think many of us squander hours at a time (although, it is possible when you have netflix!). I think most of us squander bits of time here and there.

Taking 20 minutes to wake up in the morning, taking extra time to choose the perfect outfit, staring into the pantry for 15 minutes trying to find a snack… all little chunks of time that are wasted throughout the day.

Just think, where do you most frequently squander time and what can you do instead?

That 20 minutes you slept in that morning? You could make and eat breakfast instead! (yum!)



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Cities are made up of lots of boxes. Boxes that hold people, and things, but mostly people. People that bring color to a sea of tan, beige, and grey.

We had a small box that we called home for three years. We filled that box with laughter, tears, memories, cozy blankets, law books, pictures, and late night movies.

Amidst all of the buildings you might see, our little corner of the city would seem insignificant and unimpressive. Easily overlooked by the surrounding sights. But to me, that small spot will always have a big place in my heart.

Soon someone else will call it their home, and will start filling it with their lives. I don’t want that. I want to keep our space and call it mine forever…as if keeping it guarantees our memories will stay there.

Instead, I will pack all of our things into cardboard boxes.

Boxes that will travel with us wherever we choose to go.



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1. Welcome to my life in squares! June Edition. Captions run left to right. 2. Started the month off right with my birthday! Travis surprised me with 25 balloons in the morning at our hotel. Isn’t he a sweetie? I love balloons and birthdays, so this was perfect! 3. Ended the day with a family birthday dinner. My favorite people + my favorite foods is always a good combination. Oh and funfetti cake with sprinkles. Yum!

1. My sister got married!! Isn’t she gorgeous?! I was her Matron of Honor and it was so much fun helping her plan her day and then celebrating! 2. At my sister’s wedding reception. So much fun! 3. Going to be a bridesmaid again in a year…can’t wait! It’s fun to be on the other side of weddings!

1. A fun little hike with my husband and a picnic near the lake. And by picnic, I mean we drove through Wendy’s and drove it up the mountain. 2. Feet, trail, and pretty greenery. 3. Exploring. I love this view.

1. Sunset after a photo shoot. It looks like the mountains are on fire! The sunsets here are incredible. I want to photograph them every night. 2. Colorado sky on an evening walk. Dreamy. 3. Horsetooth Reservoir at dusk.

1. Evening drives in Colorado. One of my top favorite things to do with my husband. Gorgeous scenery to inspire us, and a great time to talk or sing along to our favorite songs. 2. Seriously, this place. I am loving being close to the moutains. 3. I tried to get a closer picture of these horses but the closer I got, the further away they went! I love randomly seeing horses or other animals on walks and drives.

Overall, June was a great month! A much needed change of pace from the big city.

This month was also when instagram introduced video. I haven’t tried it yet… have you?

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  • Logan - July 17, 2013 - 11:04 am

    I did some running along that trail at Horsetooth last week when I was back in CO and LOVED it! It was so gorgeous!ReplyCancel