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There’s this quiet spot on Michigan Avenue that I love to go to. This courtyard at Fourth Presbyterian Church is such a gem. Inside the church is so lovely too. It’s often overlooked by tourists and if you sit down for a minute you  can see so many people rushing by, going to and from the stores or taking pictures of the Hancock building.

This month I focused on taking a self portrait in a place special to me. I would go here when I just needed some time to think and get away from the busyness of city life.

Photo Details:

This self portrait was actually taken on my iPhone. I used a small tripod made for phones and small cameras (find it on amazon here) and a camera timer (there a many apps for this but I use this one). The tripod is small enough it fits in my large wristlet.

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It had been quite awhile since we had been on a date and forever since a Colorado date! It’s definitely a different feeling going on a date in the mountains than in the city. Estes Park is absolutely gorgeous and the downtown area is so fun! Above is the only picture taken with my “real” camera. It was drizzly and so I mainly took pictures with my iPhone.

Here are a few more instagrams from the night:

I had been to Penelope’s before with my family, and the burgers are always so yummy but I had never branched out and had an elk or buffalo hamburger. I had my first elk burger and it was delish! Also, their fries are amazing. People visit from all over the country as you can tell by that map. Their onion rings also looked tasty…it’s on my list for next time!

We walked around the downtown area and as per tradition in my family we stopped by The Spruce House - the always Christmas store.

Estes also happens to have the cutest ice cream and candy shops. We both were eyeing these yummy candy apples and decided to get one! So yummy, I’m starting to crave one just thinking about it! In true Colorado fashion the weather was crazy. We had rain and hail in July! We also had to take a different route home since the road we drove up on was flooded. Thankfully the storm didn’t last too long and we ended the evening with a double rainbow!

So grateful to be able to spend an evening together amidst wedding season and bar exam studying!

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“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” – Amelia Earhart

Did you know today is Amelia Earhart’s birthday? Now you do!

“Do it.” It seems to obvious, but is so true. Sometimes the solution is simple.  I love many of Amelia Earhart’s quotes because of their simplicity.

She also said, “I want to do it because I want to do it.”

Remember she said this at time when women weren’t encouraged to do what they wanted. Such a wise woman and I’m grateful for the opportunity to remember her today!

Happy Birthday, Amelia!


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  • Logan - July 25, 2013 - 5:40 am

    I had no idea it was her birthday!

    I needed this quote this morning when I hit snooze through my run!ReplyCancel

When Brindisi emailed me saying she wanted to have her bridal session at a farm and there would be llamas, and practically jumped up and down I was so excited! Right away I knew this would be such a fun session!

This session is a little unique because it happened just a few days after their wedding. Taking pictures after is a great way to get more pictures without stressing over time. Scott, being the sweetheart he is, didn’t even fuss once at the idea of taking even more pictures. (Brindisi, he’s a keeper!)

The weather was perfect, and the evening finished with an amazing sunset. Here are a few favorites from their session:

The friendliest sheep you even did met:

This llama didn’t mind photo bombing:

We had quite the audience:

That sheep wasn’t the only one wanting a bite of those flowers!

If you can believe it, Brindisi’s bouquet was still looking fresh and amazing even after a few days!

One of my favorites:

Congrats again, Brindisi & Scott!


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