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“If your heart is a volcano, how shall your expect flowers to bloom?” -Khalil Gibran

Have you ever taken care of a plant? I have, and I didn’t even plant it myself. I bought it from the store and tried my best to keep it alive. Someone else who knew what they were doing, planted a seed in the right soil, put it in the right light, and made sure it started growing. Unfortunately for this particular plant, I brought it home and it died.

It’s hard enough to keep a plant alive when it’s already given to you in the right conditions, so I can only imagine how difficult it would be to plant a seed in bad soil and expect it to grow and be beautiful.

In college I took an agroecology class, and part of the class was dedicated to learning about soil. I had no idea farming could be so complex! Long story short, if a farmer does not take of the soil they have, the land will become so poor in quality that eventually you cannot farm on it any longer. It’s quite the process: rotating crops, plowing just the right amount, & monitoring the pH level of the soil. But, when the soil is good farmers can plan and grow food that will benefit so many people.

If our hearts are filled with hate, anger, grudges, we cannot harbor or grow goodness. Just like a garden, we need to tend to our own hearts, pull out the weeds, and let love in.

Happy Monday!



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I love this picture of you. I love that simple things make you happy…like hanging out in the mountains with your dog. I’m so grateful I get to share all these moments with you, including today!

Despite your Ron Swanson approach to birthdays (“Birthdays were invented by Hallmark to sell cards”), I think that after a year of studying, tests, and more studying, you definitely deserve an entire day, or weekend, doing exactly what you want. Which most likely means drinking plenty of Pepsi Max, eating steak, and key lime pie blue bell ice cream.

Happy birthday to you, my smart, good looking, strong, sweet husband!


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It has been so much fun documenting Ashley and Kevin’s adventure with their first baby. From their maternity session to their newborn session…and now their baby is 9 months! I have loved seeing Ryder grow and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by!

This little man is already such a cutie and super stylish. Check out his adorable bow tie!

Ashley and Kevin, I just love your little family!

Happy Thursday!



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  • Melissa Martinez - August 22, 2013 - 11:36 am

    Hi Tiffany! Beautiful photos! I have talked to Jon (and given him hints along the way) that we would like you to take lifestyle photos of us someday. Especially engagement and such… of course, that is a few years away! I just wanted to remind you that you do excellent work and it is so unique and has such a special touch.
    Love, MelissaReplyCancel

The day begun with fresh lavender in the bridal suite and warm sun shining through the windows. Just minutes after getting into her dress it started raining. Then hailing. And a little lightning. Bridesmaids peeked out the windows looking for a sign that the sun will come out again.

After waiting and waiting for the rain to pass a decision had to be made. Would the ceremony be inside or outside? Hannah, will her fearless faith, said it would happen outside come what may. Of course, as soon as the ceremony began the clouds left and the sun beamed as the couple became one.

It would be hard for me to pick a favorite detail from their wedding day. Is it the journal that Hannah gave Spencer, filled with letters she had been writing to him since they had been dating? Is it the amazing pie table? Or maybe it is the lace around her bouquet that came from her mother’s wedding dress. The entire day was filled was a witness of not only Hannah and Spencer’s love for each other, but for their family and friends who surrounded them.

The day ended with guests tossing lavender at the newly wedded couple, and a classic getaway car as they departed for their honeymoon.

Congrats again Hannah & Spencer! What an amazing day.

Take of a look at a few highlights from their day:

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